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We are the Wolski's Auto Repair experts. With over 20 years of service experience, we have the know-how to keep every system in your vehicle running newer, stronger and longer. You need experts you can trust when you face engine failure, a dead battery or starter, overheating, brake failure or frequent stalling. Wolski's has what it takes to keep you rolling — long after you've left the car lot.



Over the years, a “tune-up” has meant different things, but the basics of how a gasoline engine works haven’t changed. Clean gas and air need to be driven to your vehicle’s cylinders. That’s where combustion, initiated by a spark plug, creates the power to move your vehicle. Wolski's Auto Repair standard tune-up includes a spark plug replacement to revitalize your engine. Getting tune-ups in line with your manufacturer’s recommendations makes your engine easier to start, improves fuel economy, lowers emissions and restores lost power. Make no mistake: we’re a car company – and we’re here to ensure your car’s performance and value live on.


You take pride in maintaining your vehicle, and staying on top of all recommended service. Your car has rewarded you with smooth driving for a long time. But sometimes there’s a part or system in your car that needs a little TLC. If your car has a problem, bring it in for a check as soon as possible. Sometimes you’ll need a repair. Other times, all it takes is a little routine maintenance to get everything back in working order. Whatever care your car needs, we can help. Wolski's auto repair is what we’re all about, and we’ve been doing it for over 20 years.


There are times when you know your wheel alignment is off. Maybe your vehicle pulls to one side of the road. Perhaps your steering wheel is not straight up and down when your hands are positioned at 10 and 2. Or your tires might squeal when you’re turning. Then again, sometimes a wheel alignment problem is so subtle you can’t even feel it. Come see us for an alignment. Together, we’ll make your car endure – for the long haul. And with night and weekend hours at most stores, keeping your car keeping on has never been easier – or more convenient.

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