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When a system isn’t working properly or a worn out part needs replacement, you’ll save time and money by bringing your car in for service. After all, the value of your car is determined by how you care for it. Call us if you need advice, and make an appointment at Wolski's Auto. We have convenient hours to fit your schedule.


The manufacturer of your vehicle recommends routinely scheduled services, inspections and part replacements based on the age or mileage of your vehicle. Expert technicians at Wolski's Auto give it to you straight. They also help you adhere to your manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance. From fresh filters and tune-ups to headlight replacement and fluid exchanges, we perform key, recommended maintenance to keep your vehicle performing long after the new car scent fades — and without undue, added expense.



  • Starter and Alternator Repairs
  • Electrical Service and Diagnosis
  • Auto AC and Heater Repairs
  • Automatic Windows
  • Lights
  • Door Locks
  • Instrument Gauges
  • Battery Issues
  • Cruise Control
  • Warning lights / Engine Lights
  • Tail Lights,  Head Lights, Brake Lights
  • Interior Car Lights
  • Plus More!



Your auto’s engine may occasionally require more than a tune-up. When your “Service Engine Soon” or “Check Engine” light comes on, it’s time for an engine diagnostic. Our expert techs can tell you exactly what’s happening under the hood. Failed an emissions test? We can perform an emissions diagnostic and determine the appropriate repairs required.


After inspecting your vehicle, our technicians may also recommend maintenance and service of other engine components for better performance. These may include the following parts:


Crankcase vent filter

Crankcase ventilation (PVC) valve

Distributor cap and rotor

Emissions control system

Engine sensors and diagnostics

Fuel pump

Ignition coil pack

Ignition module

Ignition wires

Oil and oil filter change

Vapor canister filter


Whenever we make a recommendation, we’ll explain it thoroughly. And we'll only perform the services that you approve. With over 20 years of auto care experience, we at Wolski's only employ ASE-certified general technicians nationwide to give you the most complete service and best advice out there. That leaves you to the fun stuff: driving.



Wolski's auto offers a very low cost courtesy check every time you bring in your car, truck or SUV for service.


The check includes a visual inspection of your car’s major operating systems, lights, fluid levels, wipers, belts, battery, hoses and more.


Even though Wolski's hasn’t sold a single car, at our core, we’re a car company. We help them run newer, faster, stronger and longer. This all starts with an inspection.



You press down on the accelerator pedal. Your car goes. But what happens when you apply the brakes? Does it stop straight and confidently, when and where you want it to? Can you depend on your brakes, or do you have brake problems? It’s inevitable: if you keep your vehicle long enough, you’ll need brake repair. Wolski's Auto has expert techs can diagnose your brake problems, and they’ll explain options for brake repairs – ones that make sense for your vehicle and budget. And we’ll do it when it’s convenient for you. That includes nights and weekends at most stores. It’s about helping your car endure – because we’re a car company, and it’s what we do.

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